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Joel and Laurie have been working together for several years, in the areas of marketing, facilitation and planning. Prior to forming Outburst, Joel worked as an educator, facilitator and consultant. He formed a company in Kentucky, helping businesses faced with a struggling monoculturally-dependent economy succeed. Previously, he consulted with the Medford Urban Renewal Agency, the Savory center for Holistic Management, the Rogue Institute for Ecology and Economy and taught at St. Mary’s School and the Rogue Community College in Medford, Oregon. He enjoys kayaking and works with wood under the name Hovel Artworks.

Laurie has focused primarily in marketing over the past ten years. In addition to marketing for New Earth Records and Body, Mind, Spirit, she has worked extensively with different guest ranch/resorts throughout Colorado to help them realize their unique attributes, and how to market themselves appropriately. Laurie firmly believes that the key to solid marketing is discovering the “story” behind her clients or the product and services they offer, and building that story in the eyes of the media and general public. Three things that are of great value to Laurie are hiking, backpacking and introducing her daughter to the wonders of the great outdoors.

In early 2000, Joel and Laurie made a conscious decision to form Outburst, LLC. With the new addition of their daughter, Grace, they realized how important it was that their life values were reflected in the work they pursued as well. Outburst developed as an opportunity to work with clients whose philosophies and goals were in line with bettering their community, environment and much more.

 Joel and Laurie are a team in every sense of the word and practice the philosophies they teach in their every day life. They experience the benefits of making informed decisions on a daily basis and view it as a great priveledge to open this door for their clients as well.

Joel and Laurie are affiliated with other endeavors besides Outburst, including:
Hovel Artworks Vision 20/20 Economic Development
Town of Buena Vista Holistic Management International
Collegiate Peaks Music Festival The Orpheum Theater
Buena Vista Pioneers