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The Philosophy
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Intention. Regeneration. Community. Profit.
The company is intentionally based in beautiful Buena Vista, Colorado. The amenities associated with the Arkansas River Valley, the strong sense of community, and the evolving atmosphere for change make this a perfect place for Outburst to call home.

We work to meet our clients where they are and provide them with the tools to take themselves where they want to go, rather than extend our ideas and philosophies unto the client.

We help in decision-making with both planning and implementaion strategies, while identifying and establishing check points of progress.

Life and work become integrated, and clients begin to realize the impact that their daily decisions have on the multifaceted aspects of their lives.

Starting with clarity of expectation and desired outcomes, we work with people to maximize returns at the triple bottom line, in social, economic and environmental terms, while minimizing outlays of energy, money and time.

“The world operates in a series of functioning, overlapping wholes, whose qualities cannot be predicted by studying any aspect in isolation; one has to see the whole first.”

- Jan Christiaan Smuts, naturalist and philosopher